Click on the locate icon  to open the locate coordinates panel.

Find a location

This is useful if you have been given a set of coordinates and need to find there location 

Coordinates can be entered in the New Zealand Transverse Mercator 2000 (NZTM2000) projection, New Zealand Map Grid (NZMG), World Geodetic System 1984 (WGS1984), New Zealand Topo 50 or NZ260 Map Reference. When entering WGS1984 coordinates, they should be in the Decimal degrees format ( eg. Lat 172.632377 Long -43.526945 ).


1. Click on the example to auto populate the Easting/Northing or Latitude/Longitude boxes. You can use this as a template for entering your coordinates.

2. Click on the locate button to zoom to the location. The coordinate results can be viewed in the results tab.



Find coordinates

This is used when you wish to find what the coordinates are at a specified point. E.g. you may wish to know the coordinates of a house 

1. Click on the Map Input button and select a point on the map 


2. The results will be displayed in the chosen coordinate unit

 3. Results can be copied by selecting Copy to Clipboard



Find Your Location

1. Click on the My Location button   

2. Ensure location services is turned on

3. The map will zoom to your current location. Note: You may need to zoom out to view the imagery