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The updated Advanced Viewer is here

Find out about changes and updated functionality added as part of the Canterbury Maps refresh to the Advanced Viewer...

Published: 26/08/2014

Building Footprints Competition is 'heating' up!

Wow! The building footprints competition is 'heating' up! over 7000, check out where ...

Published: 12/08/2014

Advanced Viewer and Windows 8 & 8.1 OS

A known issue exists with modern versions of IE (>11) and the operating systems 8.0 & 8.1. Microsoft have included a version of flash .....

Published: 8/08/2014

NEW Property Map Viewer

NEW Property Map Viewer has just launched. This custom application is primarily aimed at helping the property owner know what key property related gis features we hold that would be of interest to them.

Published: 22/07/2014

OFFLINE Basemaps on CanterburyMaps

OFFLINE Basemaps of our popular CanterburyMaps service are now available to download directly from our service using the esri collector application. We have enabled this for not just ECan staff but our partners and stakeholders throughout Canterbury.

Published: 22/07/2014

NEW Canterbury wide CONTOURS ....

A NEW Canterbury wide contour service will be added giving you a contour layer back drop to some of the existing maps. Plus you will be able to download individual contours GIS files that formed this service from our data download service.

Published: 21/07/2014

NEW Aerial Imagery is coming .......

NEW Aerial Imagery is coming to Canterbury Maps shortly. The aerials were captured part of the 2013-2014 flying season of the areas Waimate / Waitaki and MacKenzie Districts.

Published: 21/07/2014

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The Canterbury Maps portal is a joint data-sharing initiative brought to you by Canterbury's regional and territorial authorities. Coordinated by the staff at Environment Canterbury, you will find data on this site from

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  • Mackenzie District Council
  • Timaru District Council
  • Waitaki District Council.

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Consent Application Resources

Resources for consent applications in the Canterbury region.


Features and information relating to Groundwater quantity, quality and supply in the Canterbury Region.

District Planning Zones

District Council Planning Zones in Canterbury.

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