Moving around the map 

Click on the screen and drag to move around the map

Click the plus or minus button  or use the mouse scroll to zoom in or out on the map.

Selecting the home button   resets the map to its initial extent.

Selecting the find my location button  zooms the map to your current location.


Map Scale

The scale bar is displayed in the lower left corner of the viewer. The map scale will dynamically update as you zoom in and out.


Get Coordinates

Click the get coordinates button  in the bottom left hand corner to capture on screen coordinates. From here you can add a point on the map, highlight the coordinates, and make a copy of them.


Click the expansion arrow   in the bottom right corner to expand or close the overview panel.

When expanded, click the maximize icon  to temporarily maximize the overview map. 

Quick Zooming

To quickly zoom into an area of interest, hold down Shift (on the keyboard) and draw a box on the map. You will be zoomed into this area of interest.