Boffa Miskell

Boffa Miskell

Company size: 150

Founded: 1972

Most useful service: Latest imagery

Most useful map/tool: Canterbury Maps data


Industries work within: Education, Health, Water, Property, Councils & Government, Primary Production & Industry, Infrastructure, Energy, Community & Recreation

Who are we?

Boffa Miskell brings together multi-disciplinary teams to help our clients enhance the value and sustainability of our natural, built and social environment. We are award winning consultants in planning, landscape architecture, urban design, ecology, graphics, mapping and cultural heritage.

How we use Canterbury Maps?

At Boffa Miskell we use Canterbury maps data to help inform our Landscape, Ecology, Planning and Cultural Advisory professionals, as it provides quick access to accurate and current information. 

We have found that Canterbury Maps data provides great context to any desktop analysis, either at broad scale (District Planning Zones) or down to fine detail (waste water, storm water etc). We also find it very useful to extract datasets and incorporate them into in-depth analysis on our projects.