1975 - 1979 Historic Imagery

Aerial imagery of the greater Canterbury area taken between 1975 and 1979

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Last updated: Tuesday, July 25, 2017



Aerial imagery of the greater Canterbury area taken between 1975 and 1979

This map service currently comprises the following aerial data surveys:

LINZ - SN5462 - 1979
LINZ - SN5064 - 1977
LINZ - SN2980 - 1976
LINZ - SN2860 - 1975 (Incomplete - more to come)

In instances where imagery overlaps the newest imagery is displayed.
More imagery will be added to this map as it becomes available.

The images in this collection have been sourced from the Crown archive at NZAM Napier and scanned into high resolution .tif files. Some of the images have degraded over time prior to scanning and contain defects such as scratches and burn marks. 

The images were manually georeferenced and put into ESRI mosaics to create this map and map service.

This early release has been done before an auditing and final checking process to help Environment Canterbury and its partners use this information in the Canterbury Recovery process.

NOTE: Not to be used as a base for measurement. Inaccuracies occur.

  • LINZ estimated extent has been added to show what areas have been geo-referenced and what areas to still to be done.
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    Ministry for Primary Industries, Environment Canterbury

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