Canterbury Employment Estimates

Employment estimates based on information published by Statistics NZ.

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These maps show employment estimates based on information published by Statistics NZ. The business demographic statistics provided by Statistics NZ give an annual snapshot (as at February) of the structure and characteristics of New Zealand businesses. Business demography statistics are limited to economically significant individual, private-sector and public-sector enterprises that are engaged in the production of goods and services in New Zealand. These enterprises are maintained on the Statistics NZ Business Frame, which generally includes all employing units and those enterprises with GST turnover greater than $30,000 per year.

The data tables used to produce these maps are based on the business demography statistics released in October. This series is based on the Statistics New Zealand Longitudinal Business Frame (LBF).

The employment estimates used to create these maps are based on the number of business units as well as the reported number of employees. For the purpose of estimating total employment it is assumed that each business unit has a single owner that manages the business who is not included in the employee count. Therefore, the employment estimate is calculated by adding the number of business units to the number of employees.

Maps are provided for each year from 2000. The information presented in the maps is scaled to Statistics NZ Census Area Units. Area boundaries use the 2015 boundary pattern.

The Business Demography Statistics: Data quality (including data limitations) should be viewed in conjunction with these maps.

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