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A collation of layers indicating some of the ecological values across Canterbury.

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A collation of spatial layers indicating some of the ecological values across the Canterbury Region. This is not a comprehensive collection of ecology and biodiversity values or their distributions within Canterbury, and should not replace the use of an appropriately qualified person to identify the presence of species and their habitats or to assess the ecological significance of any site. For RMA purposes regarding assessment for ecological significance refer to the Canterbury Regional Policy Statement (RPS). Guidelines to assess the RPS ecological significance criteria are provided at webpage linked to below.

The Canterbury Regional Policy Statement, including guidelines for the Application of Ecological Significance Criteria for Indigenous Vegetation and Habitats of Indigenous Fauna in Canterbury Region

Other External Spatial Resources:

Lizard Herpetofauna Database -

NIWA - New Zealand Fresh Water Fish Database - Provides records for specific river catchments, areas, years, species and fishing methods. -

New Zealand Birds Online -

New Zealand Plant Conservation Website -

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